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SUGAR GROVE — Dick Durbin was one of the key architects of the partisan trainwreck known as Obamacare and what he’s not telling you in this campaign is that premium hikes are on the way. Right after the election.

SUGAR GROVE — Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Jim Oberweis today called on Dick Durbin to release a secret internal sexual harassment report that claims to "clear" his longtime political confidant and chief of staff of sexual harassment allegations.  

SUGAR GROVE — A new SuperPac that is helping Dick Durbin by attacking his opponent in the U.S. Senate race in Illinois is being bankrolled by a man whose questionable federal contract shortchanged the company now supplying the Ebola vaccine. The crony capitalist donor also is a donor to Dick...

SUGAR GROVE — Since Jim Oberweis revealed Monday that Dick Durbin paid a top female supervisor $83,832 less (nearly $14,000 a year) than a male supervisor over the past six years, he has issued a dizzying flurry of mistruths and obfuscations that prove, beyond a doubt, that Durbin attempted to...